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2014 Volleyball Camp

Open to Grades 3rd through 8th
August 20, 21, 22 – Wednesday through Friday

3 – 5th Grade Session from 9:00 – 12:00noon 6th – 8th Grade Session from 1:00 – 4:00pm

Camp will be held at the Umpqua Valley Christian High School Gym Cost: Pre-registration $45.00, Day-of registration $50.00

  •   Come improve your volleyball skills with the help of the UVC High School Volleyball team! Coaches are encouraged to attend and participate with their athletes. Coaches/volunteers attend for free.
  •   Participants will learn fundamental skills of volleyball: including passing, setting, serving, and hitting. Junior High levels will learn rotations, basics of blocking, and offensive and defensive strategies.
  •   Cost includes a camp T-Shirt (select size below). Additional T-Shirts may be ordered for $10.00 each.
  •   Day-of registration will begin at 8:30 am on Wednesday, August 20th. If you would like to pre- register, please register online or send registration form and payment to Lacey Ferguson,
    1663 W Catherine Avenue, Roseburg, OR 97471. If you would like to register online, email laceyferguson13@gmail.com for a link to register. An online registration form will be sent to you via email. If registering online, you may send check in or bring it the first day of camp. Make checks payable to Umpqua Valley Christian School.

Sign Up Online


Location: Umpqua Valley Christian High School
Date: July 14-17
Address: 18585 Dixonville Rd- Roseburg, OR 97470
Session #1 Elite -Time: 9:00am–1:00pm–Participants: Boys & Girls only 4th–7th Grade Session #2 MVP-Time: 1:30am–5:30pm–Participants: Boys & Girls only 8th–12th Grade Cost: $155.00

Instructor: Coach Mendo— Local Contact: Ronda Paschke, (541) 430-1998 or email her at rondapaschke@yahoo.com

To register online, please go to www.quickhandle.com OR….. If you choose to register via regular mail, print a registration form from our webpage and mail to your local contact Quick Handle Basketball – PO Box 922 – Issaquah, WA 98027 – 425-369-2221 coach@quickhandle.com – www.quickhandle.com 

Quick Handle Camp Brochure

Monarch Message April 2014

Hello Parents, Students, Alumni, and Friends of UVC,                                                                                      April 2014


April 24 – Take Me Out To UVC

Thursday, April 24th will be a big day in the life of UVC!!  We are planning an enrollment Open House on Thursday April 24th from 6:00pm-8:00pm.  We are setting aside that night exclusively for the Open House with all UVC Staff involved in the event.  There is no other UVC activity planned for that evening.  We are hosting the event in the UVC Deer Creek gymnasium and we will be highlighting 28 different areas of our school from preschool-12th grade in 28 different booths.  Each booth will be easily identifiable with a designated sign and each booth will be decorated with a trifold poster with pertinent information for review.  We are asking our current families to attend and prayerfully consider inviting a family that you know who might be interested in UVC.  The evening will be filled with information and answers to any enrollment questions your guests may have.  There will also be entertainment, free food and lots of “give aways”.  All current families and all new prospective families that attend will be entered to win a $500 tuition gift certificate to be used for 2014-2015 school year tuition.  You should have already received information in the mail about this event along with at least two invitation cards to hand out to prospective families you would like to invite.  Please join us in this enrollment event!


Why Enroll Your Student at UVC?

As mentioned last month, over the last 37 years of providing an excellent education from a biblical worldview (1977-2013), UVC has acquired a graduation rate of 99% with a graduation on-time rate of 98.8%.  That is an amazing statistic that is worth repeating this month!!  Also, as mentioned last month in my March Monarch message, these 99% of UVC graduates have gone on to very reputable colleges and universities around the country.  Upon graduation from these reputable colleges and universities, UVC graduates have entered the following vocations:  Nursing, US Military, Education, Aviation, Law, Business Management, Power Lineman, Electrician, Pastor, Postal Worker, Butcher, X-Ray Technician, Realtor, Log Truck Driver, Law Enforcement, Home Maker, United Parcel Service Worker, Medicine, Missionary, Chef, Musician, Rancher, Beautician, Fireman/EMT, Bank Teller, Business Entrepreneur, and Photography and others.


By graduating your student from UVC, your student will be joining a corps of very well educated and well-rounded students who have a proven track record not only of successful enrollment at some of the top universities around the country but have also entered the work force in very reputable and challenging vocations.  This is great information to share with a friend who may be interested in enrolling at UVC.


International Student Program

Last month, we made the announcement that UVC will be pursuing an International Student Program and announced that UVC will not only be recruiting international students but also International Student Host Families.  We have put together a UVC Host Family Handbook that explains the responsibilities of Host Family, what the process is to become a Host Family and the financial compensation Host Families can expect for being a Host Family.  If you are interested in becoming a Host Family for an international student, please call the school office for a Handbook.


UVC Business Academy

It is worth mentioning again that in conjunction with the directive to launch an International Student Program, the UVC Board also decided to launch a sister Business Academy Program for UVC and International Students.  The UVC Business Academy is designed to train young minds in the art of establishing and growing a business from a biblical worldview.  UVC students will also have access to these business classes as electives if they so choose.  So as your students register for classes for next year please be aware that there will be new Business classes available to them for enrollment.


UVC Auction Results

The 5th Annual UVC Let It Shine Auction was a HUGE success this year.  Thank you to everyone involved in making it a great evening.  This year the total amount of funds raised was $55,000.  The Frenzy raised enough money to purchase our technology improvements for each classroom on both the Roberts Creek and the Deer Creek campuses.  Thank you to all our generous supporters.


UVC Future First Citizen Scholarship Award

During the UVC Let It Shine Auction, the winner of the 2014 UVC Future First Citizen Scholarship Award was announced.  Congratulations to Savannah Reeves as the winner of the 2014 UVC Future First Citizen Award.  Savannah received a $5,000 college scholarship to the college of her choice.  The two runners up, Ian Dahl and Tatum Shobe, received a $2,000 scholarship.  Thank you to our UVC supporters who have generously provided funds for this scholarship opportunity for our students.


God’s blessings to you,


Doug Tharp

Doug Tharp

UVCS Superintendent


State Certified Preschool Program

Begin your child’s education with us!

prechoolclassroomProfessional Preschool Teacher

  • Mrs. Andrews is a current state certified elementary teacher who has a specialized endorsement in early child-hood education.
    Mrs. Andrews has twelve years of experience teaching Kindergarten and Preschool.
    Mrs. Andrews is a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children and regularly at-tends their conferences to keep current on child development research and develop-mentally appropriate practices.

PreSchoolplaygroundProfessional Preschool Curriculum

  • UVC Preschool uses A Beka phonics curriculum. Students learn how to write upper and lower case letters, phonemic awareness, and to sound out short vowel words in preparation for reading in our Kindergarten.
  • UVC Preschool uses Bob Jones math curriculum which teaches preschool students attributes, pat-terns, numbers 1 through 20, more than/less than, place value, graphs, measurement and addition.
  • UVC Preschool voluntarily meets state preschool standards in other academic subjects with Mrs. Andrews’s unique curriculum which is based on a two year, semi-chronological study of the Bible. The corresponding monthly units con-nect the biblical concepts with the children’s everyday life translating the Bible into meaningful experiences young minds can understand.
  • Professional Preschool Facility
  • UVC Preschool is located on the campus of a contemporary Christian elemen-tary school. The preschool students enjoy the use of the school’s well equipped playground which includes a large covered play area and soccer field.
  •  The preschool students enjoy the fellowship of being included in a multi-age Christian community when they sing in chapel, eat in the lunchroom and per-form in the school’s seasonal musical pro-grams with the other elementary students.
  • Families enjoy the wonderful benefit of de-veloping caring relationships in a profession-ally accredited, well-supported, Christian school community.

Hello Parents, Students, Alumni, and Friends of UVC, January 2014

In American culture, it’s never a good thing when you’re accused of being “two-faced!” However, if you lived way back in Roman culture, then it would be a good thing to be called “two-faced.”! It was so good to be two-faced that the Roman culture depicted the Roman God “Janus” on their coinage with two faces; one facing forward and the other facing backward. It is this backward looking face that keeps past history in mind as the forward looking face looks to the future in planning ahead.

You may not yet be thinking ahead much about the next school year, but as the end of January is fast approaching, the school office is in high gear preparing for the 2014-2015 school year. There’s quite a bit of planning that has already been done and we are about ready to get rolling on REENROLLMENT for next year.

So, like Janus, we will always keep in mind our past history and yet we will always continue to look to the future to build upon our successes and our failures. UVC is a great school and we have lots of improvement to make, so in the context of the past and the future and what we are attempting to accomplish at UVC, the apostle Paul says,
I’m not saying that we have this all together, that we have it made. But we are well on our way,
reaching out for Christ, who has so wondrously reached out for us. Friends, don’t get me wrong:
By no means do I count us an expert in all of this, but we’ve got our eye on the goal, where God is
beckoning us onward—to Jesus. We’re off and running, and we’re not turning back.

So, as we look back from here and begin to look forward, beginning Feb. 1 and running through the end of that month, UVC will be offering a $100 discount off the enrollment fee for each child for all families who reenroll their students during that month. We are attempting to prepare our budget for the year, and getting a head start on the number of students to expect will be very helpful. So, please look for a Re-enrollment Packet of information coming home via your youngest student. You will need to fill out the paperwork and return it with your $200 enrollment fee for each student you enroll. After Feb 28, the enrollment fee reverts to the normal $300 per student. Thanks for your help.

ACSI Speech Meet

For the month of January, the sounds of recitations, presentations, and orations have been heard all over the Roberts Creek campus in preparation for the big day of delivery. On January 23rd and 24th, students in grades 1-6 will be reciting poems, delivering messages, and recounting sagas as they compete for a spot on the UVC Speech Team that will be travelling to Salem on February 21st to compete in the ACSI Speech meet. If you are a parent of one of these prospective UVC Speech Team members, you will want join the entire school on Jan. 23rd-24th to observe your student as he/she competes in the UVC Speech Meet qualification round.

February 21 – Split School Day

As the elementary school participates in the Speech Meet in Salem on February 21, about 75% of the campus elementary students and 100% of the elementary staff will be involved in the event. Therefore, February 21 will NOT be a school day for the elementary school on the Roberts Creek campus but WILL BE a school day for grades 7-12 on the Deer Creek campus. So, to reiterate, on Feb. 21 there will be no school for the Roberts Creek campus but school will be in session on Feb. 21 for the Deer Creek campus.

Spirit Week/Homecoming

The UVC 2014 Spirit Week and Homecoming weekend is scheduled for January 26-31. The week tips off with the annual Alumni Basketball Game scheduled for Sunday afternoon Jan. 26 in the new UVC gymnasium. Game time is 3:00pm. The gym will be open at 2:00pm for shoot around and warm-ups. If you are a UVC alumnus and you would like to play in this Alumni Game, please contact Michael Graham at (541) 817-5541 or mfgraham10@gmail.com. The following week will be Spirit week on both the Roberts Creek and Deer Creek campuses. Monday-Friday will be filled with all kinds of zany games and costumes with a purpose of building school spirit and a sense of camaraderie among the students on both campuses. Then to end the week long celebration, UVC will crown a homecoming king and queen at halftime of the boys’ varsity basketball game which begins against Powers at 7:30pm. Hope to see you there!


Test of the system

November 2013 Monarch Message

Hello Parents, Students, Alumni, and Friends of UVC, November 2013
As past Heroes of the faith learned to forge ahead through difficulties they faced, so too, we are encouraged in scripture to continue to forge ahead through the obstacles we encounter on a daily basis. Sometimes, our obstacles are situations, sometimes people, sometimes ourselves and sometimes our work. We learn much from the encouragement of the writer of Hebrews who says:
“let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us”. (Heb 12:1)
Just as those Heroes laid aside every weight, the writer is urging us also to “lay aside every weight”. That’s why it’s important to pick up on the use of the word “also”. He wants us to succeed just as the Heroes succeeded. In the next verse, the writer says that the Heroes of chapter 11 “gained approval through their faith”. That approval came from not looking at the immediate situation in which they found themselves. It came from the fact that they looked beyond to that “something better” that God had promised. Looking ahead is key to having a great attitude because we are always focused on the promise of that “something better”. Interestingly it’s no wonder that the phrase, “root of bitterness” is also mentioned in this same chapter. Roots of bitterness develop when we have our eyes fixed on the burden of our present situation instead of looking ahead to that “something better”. Those roots of bitterness slowly sprout into attitudes of discouragement and disgruntlement which then “causes trouble, and by it many become corrupted”. A further point to note here is that not only does my disgruntlement and discouragement cause trouble for myself, it also corrupts many others around me. We all know what it’s like to be in the presence of a disgruntled person. You and I hear all about it, don’t we?!! So what’s the solution? Like Jesus, it is to ‘fix our eyes on the joy set before us’. He was focused forwardly not presently. Because of that joy that was his focus, he was able to “endure the cross and despise its shame”. His focus was not on his present circumstances, but on what was ahead of him. That’s why the author of Hebrews encourages us to fix our eyes on Jesus, (the something better that is promised) and not on the burdens of our immediate situation.
Like the Heroes of the past, who looked ahead to something better and did not allow roots of bitterness to sprout in their lives, let us also continue to fix our eyes on Jesus, so we too would have the ability to endure and count as nothing the obstacles we face. Only then, can we can continue to be Heroes of the faith.
Speaking of “fixing our eyes on Jesus”…the character of Jesus is the end goal when it comes to UVC Student Outcomes. We are looking to replicate the character of Jesus in the life of every student who graduates at UVC. According to Jesus’ very own words, there were only two priorities he had in life, one, to serve others and two, to give his life as a ransom (Mark 10:45). To be a server and a giver; there are no two greater character qualities needed in the lives of today’s youth than to be a server and a giver. Our task at UVC is to teach students to be servers who give of their time and energy in meeting the needs of others.
Are we succeeding in that task? One way to measure our progress is to look at the number of servant-leadership hours our students have accumulated last quarter. Of the 43 school days during the first quarter there are a number of UVC students who have earned in excess of 60 hours for the quarter. On the average, that equals to more than one hour per day given to servant leadership. That’s amazing!!
UVC Serve Days are also a great measurement tool. Our Nov. 8 Serve Day was another HUGE success as our students were scattered throughout the Roseburg area serving community organizations and making a difference by serving and giving their time and energy to meet the needs of others. We are proud of our students and amazed at what God is doing in their lives. They are becoming impressive Servant-Leaders!

October 2013 Monarch Message

More exciting news this month!! Last month I shared exciting news about parent involvement in The
Lion’s Den (sixth grade market on the Roberts Creek campus), the Monarch Market, on the Deer Creek campus
along with the exciting news of the Lego Robotics teams that are forming on the Roberts Creek campus. I also
mentioned two service opportunities our students were involved in last month. That’s a lot of exciting news!!
Last month I also mentioned the exciting news of UVC’s Academic Focus and how UVC is coming into
alignment with the newly Oregon-adopted Common Core Standards. I would like to continue this month with
more exciting news about how UVC will be implementing those standards for Mathematics and English. UVC is
participating in a series of staff development workshops sponsored throughout the year by the Douglas Education
Service District (ESD) regarding the implementation of the English Common Core Standards as they pertain to
Raising the Level of Student Writing Abilities for students in schools all around Douglas County…and that includes
UVC. That is exciting!! Led by our Sr. High English teacher, Ms. Street, UVC had four teachers, two from the Deer
Creek campus and two from the Roberts Creek campus recently participate in the initial workshop learning
teaching-strategies and methodologies for classroom use. After completing the workshop, the reviews brought
back by these teachers are extremely positive and exciting to hear. More workshops will be scheduled as the year
progresses and it’s exciting to know that our teachers will become more adept at preparing our students to
become excellent writers.
As an addendum to the ESD workshop, UVC teachers will gather together on October 17-18 to participate
in a two-day Staff Development Workshop of our own that will continue to help prepare us for implementing both
the new Mathematics and English standards. Both campuses will be closed for school both days October 17-18 to
allow our teachers to participate in this workshop.
As we continue to implement the new state academic standards, we are also excited about being able to
Bring Clarity to the controversy surrounding the Common Core Standards. We understand that much of the
curriculum written and made available to reach these standards is not what UVC will want to adopt into our body
of curriculum. Much of that curriculum is written from a worldview that is contrary to a biblical worldview.
However, as we look to implementing the standards, we are carefully reviewing textbooks and other resources to
find those that align with our perspective at UVC. We will always teach and disciple students from a biblical
worldview. As we prepare our students for college and careers, we will be selecting textbooks and materials that
align with our mission. Using appropriate textbooks, we will continue to challenge students to be prepared to
meet the challenges of the 21st century young adult in a culturally relevant and sensitive manner, all from the
biblical perspective of developing ambassadors for Christ. That is exciting!!
More exciting news in conjunction with the implementation of the new academic standards is the
announcement that UVC has been awarded Two Financial Grants. The first grant was awarded to our fourth grde
class by Cascade Bank’s Chalkboard Grant. The grant is to be used for a special reading program created by our
fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Johnson. The second grant was awarded to our Jr. High English Department by Delta
Kappa Gamma also for a reading program being designed by our Jr. High English teacher, Mrs. McGregor.
If you haven’t yet heard about UVC’s Monarch Parents Association (MPA), then now is a good time to
learn about the exciting things that they are involved in. The MPA can be compared to a Parent Teacher
Association (PTA) in other schools. The MPA is the parent support group of the school that meets regularly to
discuss the needs of the school and how they might be able to meet those needs. They are the UVC Boosters who
make a huge difference in the overall extra-curricular programs of the school. If you’re looking for an exciting
place to serve at UVC, where you can make an immediate huge impact, then the MPA is the place for you. Join us
for the next meeting on Oct. 16, @ Roberts Creek campus at 6:30pm. Or you can call Tracey Cagle, UVC’s Director
of Development at 541-680-6080 to get started.
Last, but not least, is the exciting news about the success of the Small Groups that are happening on the
Deer Creek campus this year. We are being more intentional about developing upperclassmen leaders who are
leading underclassmen and helping them grow in their relationship with Christ. Each Friday morning, these small
group leaders meet with their groups around the Deer Creek campus to discuss the weeks’ chapel message, to
pray for one another, to memorize scripture together and to be accountable to one another. Already, we have
seen an amazing difference in the attitude of the student body. The creation of each group is intentional as is the
training and support that each small group leader receives on a weekly basis. It’s exciting to see God at work.

September 2013 Monarch Message

“Exciting” is the word for the month. We’ve already had an exciting start to the 2013-2014 school
year and we’re expecting much more excitement to be on the way. A lot of this excitement is directly
related to how our UVC Parents are getting involved with the happenings around the school. At the
elementary school on the Roberts Creek campus, the sixth grade parents have huddled together and are
breaking out in great support of the sixth grade mini-mart called the “Lion’s Den”. A generous parent has
donated a freezer and the sixth graders are beginning to stock it with mini-mart items. The parent’s
involvement has energized the sixth grade class and they are excited to learn lots of business skills through
their involvement in Lion’s Den this year. Thank you parents for the excitement for our sixth grade class.
Another exciting bit of news to report is that an elementary school parent has stepped up and
volunteered to pilot a Lego Robotics program this year at UVC. The UVC Lego Robotics program will be
offered to 6th-8th graders and will have a competitive component in which our UVC robotics team will be
able to compete with other robotics teams. This should be an exciting event for our students. Thank you
parents for making this fun and educational program happen for our students this year.
Also, at the secondary school on the Deer Creek campus, a small crew of food-handlers-licensedparents
have stepped up to form a team that will man the Monarch Market concession stand for all the
volleyball and basketball games this year. With the completion of the new gymnasium, Mrs. Cagle, UVC
Director of Development, has done a terrific job of recruiting volunteer parents and students and has
ensured they are all qualified as licensed food handlers that meet state health requirements. To add to this
small crew, Mrs. Cagle is looking for other volunteer parents to fill the rest of volleyball season and don’t
forget, basketball season is right around the corner. So you are invited to join this team and earn volunteer
service/tuition reduction hours at the same time.
Students have also been an exciting part of the new school year. On the Deer Creek campus a team
of eighteen upperclassmen (11th and 12th graders) have volunteered and have been trained as small group
leaders for the purpose of meeting in groups of 5-7 other underclassmen and developing friendships and
building school spirit and camaraderie. Each Friday, for half an hour UVC Deer Creek students meet
throughout the campus in small groups to encourage one another and grow deeper in their relationships
with one another. Another group of students volunteered to serve at the September Gun and Knife Show
at the Douglas County Fairgrounds this past weekend. Our students were responsible for the set up and
tear down for the weekend. Also this weekend about a dozen of our UVC students volunteered to serve at
the First Annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s event in Roseburg. They were responsible for staffing the
hydration station, placing signs along the route, as well as passing out T-shirts and overall cheering the
walkers on to the finish line. This was a great event for our students.
Another exciting happening to talk about is Pastor Dave York being our school Pastor for the year.
We are excited to have Dave as our chapel speaker each week as he teaches through the book of Ephesians.
Students have already been introduced to the theme of “Christ’s compelling love”.
Along with all these exciting volunteer service happenings come some exciting academic
happenings that we invite you to reflect upon with us and join with us as we pray together about them. The
most important of these is the Academic Focus of the school. 2013-2014 is the year in which public schools
across the state of Oregon are expected to begin implementing the newly adopted Common Core
Standards. These standards “are intended to prepare high school graduates for college…and they call for
schools to be more intellectually challenging at every level”. Most of these Standards call for a higher level
of critical thinking skills, greater level of writing skills, mastering basic math skills at an earlier age, and
greater level of the ability to articulate and defend one’s reasoning. This is exciting because UVC has been
striving for many years to provide a unified academic focus, and so now it is good to see that the state of
Oregon and the rest of the US have adopted a Common Core of Standards that all students and teachers will
be targeting. For more info on these Standards go to http://www.corestandards.org.